Supporting Your Loved One & The Healthcare Team Working to Heal Them.

“Who I Am” Healthcare Support Kit

Our free “Who I Am” HealthcareSupport kit includes:

Customized 28 x 24 photo pocket display made of hospital grade plastic for cleaning

Contact information card for the patients room

Note cards cut to fit into the photo pockets to help tell your loved one's story 

Additional pockets for reminders, memories, and messages of love. 


Once the photo pocket wall hanging and contact information is completed it is returned to the Healthcare Facility or Resident Home to be hung in the patient’s room.

These free kits are available through participating healthcare facilities or by request through this website.  If your loved ones' healthcare facility is not participating in the "Who I am Foundation" program, contact us with their information so we can coordinate it for your loved one. 

Click Below to download the instructions on how to put Your Healthcare Support

Kit Together