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Speaking For Those That Can’t

What if challenges prevented you, your loved or a child in Foster Care from telling the world "This is Who I Am and this is My Story"


We can help. 


Our free Support Kit Wall Hangings and Photo Albums are available to anyone struggling with:

  • Patient Isolation Due to Infectious Disease

  • Dementia, Alzheimer and Memory Disorder Issues

  • Special Need Children and Adult Communication Challenges

  • Patient who are Non-verbal for any reason

  • Foster Care Children and Young Adult Program


Helping Everyone Tell The World "This Is Who I Am"

The Who I Am Foundation helps individuals tell their life story when they can't.  Dementia, Alzheimer's, Special Needs and medical issues, can make it difficult to tell everyone this is "Who I Am".  We believe everyone deserves to have their life story told.  Our mission is to help them tell it. 

Tracy Serdynski Stites, President

Who I Am Foundation Kit

We want to be there to tell our loved one's story when they can't to them and those working to support them.  It can be difficult to be there on a daily basis.  Completing a Who I Am Photo Pocket wall hanging included in our kit can help.

Foster Kids Support Gift_edited.jpg


Through The Heartland For Children Foster Care program, we provide a Photo Album and Marker Set gift bag to each child.  These photo albums can help children tell their story as they move through the system.  This helps both the Foster Parents as well as the child understand "Who I Am" using the child's own notes and photos.

Who I Am Foundation Volunteers

Do you have a student who needs Community Service Hours? Do you need additional information on how to volunteer?  We would love to hear from you.

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