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Special Needs Program

Alayna's Page

The Who I Am Foundation dedicates its special needs program page to Alayna, the first special needs recipient of our Healthcare Support Kit.  Alayna is an amazing young girl who lives with her family in the Tampa Bay Area.  Alayna lives a full life with her loving family and grandparents.  She is regularly active in her local church’s special needs programs and brings joy to so many around her.

Her mom Debra helped us become aware of the communication challenges experienced by many children and adults in the special needs community.  These challenges can prevent them from sharing their likes, dislikes, and life story with the caregivers and healthcare teams around them.  

​Debra requested one of Healthcare Support Kit so she could fill its Photo Pocket Wall Hanging with photos and notes about Alayna to be prepared if she were admitted into a Healthcare Facility.  She wanted everyone on Alayna's Healthcare Team to know information about Alayna’s life outside of that facility.  We now understand how many parents of special needs individuals pre-prepared for situations like a hospital stay.

​Thank you to Alayna, who inspired us to collaborate with Horses for Handicap, ARC, and other similar organizations.  If you or a loved one would like a Healthcare Support Kit Photo Pocket Wall Hanging, please submit a request through this website.

Our new description cards include icons to assist those who can't read or write.

Horses for Handicap 3.jpg

If you or a loved one would like one of our FREE Special Needs Healthcare Support Kits, please use the Contact Us Button below.  This helps us send you the correct kit.  

If you would like more information about The Who I Am Foundation, request it here.

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