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How does this work?

Step 1:  Pick up one of our free kits from your Healthcare Facility Case

Manager.  If they are not participating in our program:

  • Request your free kit through this website

  • Pick up at one of our local businesses

Step 2:  Fill your photo pocket wall hanging with notes and photos about

the life of the patient or resident.  Below is an example:

Step 3:  Once the photo pocket is complete, hang it in the patient/resident

room so their Healthcare Team can view it and find talking points over and above clinical care steps.  

Healthcare Support Kit

Our free Who I Am Healthcare Support Kit includes:

  • A 28 x 24 photo pocket display with room for 15 photos and notes designed to share an individual's life story with their Healthcare Team.

  • Family and Emergency contact information card for the individual's room

  • Note cards designed for the photo pockets to write details about the patient's life.

  • National and Local Support Group Information At this time, Central Florida Support Groups


Contact Card - Photo Pocket Wall Hanging_edited.jpg
Photo Pocket Wall Hanging_edited_edited.jpg

Who Are These For?

Our Photo Pocket Wall Hanging contains the life

story of those struggling with:

Dementia and Alzheimer's Memory Issues

  • Nursing Homes

  • Assisted Living Facilities

  • In-Home Caregivers

Special Needs Children and Adults
  • ARC

  • Horses for Handicap

Nonverbal Patients
  • Infectious Disease Isolation

Click Below to download the instructions on how to put Your Healthcare Support

Kit Together

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