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Community Service - Bright Future Hours - Volunteer 

Host a Packing Event

Who I Am is able to provide our kits free of charge because of our volunteers.  High school students, Bible study classes, community groups and individuals help us "pack" kits for distribution.  Our kits are free to anyone struggling with memory issues such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s, special need children and adults and medical situations preventing them from verbalizing their story to the caregivers and healthcare teams around them.   


Our packing events help students earn community service hours while become aware of issues preventing individuals from sharing their life story.  If your school club, Bible study or community group would like to host one of our packing events, please contact us at

We also have special year end packing events for our foster care program.  Let us know if you would be interested in hosting one of our special foster care gift bag events in October or November.


Supplies Provided 

Once your event has been scheduled, order supplies for the kits through our Community Service Coordinator.  Her contact information will be provided to you after your first event is scheduled.  She will be your contact for each event you host.


  1. Photo Pocket Wall Hangings

  2. Healthcare Support Kit 12 x 15 Packing Envelopes (formally named Patient Support Kits

  3. 5 x 7 Who I Am Cards (five for each kit)

  4. Rubber bands

  5. Contact Cards

  6. Instructions

  7. Pay it forward Donation Letters

  8. Return Addressed Envelopes

  9. Marker Sets for decorating the backs of 5 x 7 Cards with a positive message for kit recipients.

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Preparation Step


Each Kit will contain five 5 x 7 Who I Am note cards.  During or before your packing events, bundled 5 x 7 cards into sets of five using rubber bands.

If time allows, we would love to have one of the cards in each banded set to have a positive message on the back.   These can be quotes, personal messages or scripture verses.   Marker sets are provided.

Recommended Preparation Steps

Dad Photo Pocket On Wall_edited_edited_e

Preparation Step Two

Fold the large plastic photo pockets prior to starting your assembly line.  We usually assign one or two students to fold before or during the event. 

This makes the large photo pocket easier to slip into the 10 x 13 kit envelope.

Assembling The Kits

Display the sample completed photo pocket wall hanging to give the students a visual of what they are assembling. 


Arrange items on a long table.  Students form an assembly line and put one of the photo pockets along with all the supporting items inside the Large 12 x 15 Healthcare Support Kit Envelope.


If possible, each club usually provides 8oz bottles of water and a simple snack like candy or bags of chips for the students.


Once completed take the kits to the distribution point or local storage area and/or send them back to the Who I Am Offices in Avon Park for storage. 

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